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We are a group of friends who grew up fishing the waters south of Long Island, NY.  From the start of grade school, we began roaming the Great South Bay on skiffs as small as 13 feet.  Eventually we moved on to the deep drop canyons off of

Long Island in sport fish battlewagons.  Throughout the years many things have changed, but we have always found the ocean and fishing to be our constant.  

Jig 'em Up is about dropping jigs on both the dance floor of your local bar and on your boats bloody deck 75 miles off the beach. It's about waking up at 1am to make a day trip offshore.  It's about putting fish in the box no matter what it takes. Yeah, so what, we like to fish, we like to party, we like to burn Christmas trees in the backyard... as long as you can fall asleep at night and say you jigged the hell out of this day, you can't be stopped.


Good Vibes & Tight Lines

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